How does the shown object point to a better world?

This photo com­bines four sep­ar­ate images, all with intric­ate designs. All four images are ordin­ary, but beau­ti­ful; com­bined, they con­tain mul­ti­tudes. The concept of this reminds me that ordin­ary human­ity can be beau­ti­ful, but that we can only attain the full scope of ingenu­ity when we are com­bined. It is an image which, to me, draws out the intric­ate con­nec­tions between every part of our plan­et, and how little any­thing means when viewed in isol­a­tion.

This is how I imagine a better world:

A bet­ter world is one where we recog­nise that cooper­a­tion is worth more than com­pet­i­tion, one where we use our com­bined resources to meet basic liv­ing needs for every­one, instead of some hoard­ing wealth and goods while oth­ers go without.

A bet­ter world val­ues people for who they are, recog­nises that many things con­sti­tute work and does not give some tasks status over oth­ers.

A bet­ter world treats every liv­ing being with respect, care and con­sid­er­a­tion, from insects to humans. A bet­ter world remem­bers that all ele­ments of being are val­id and abhors dis­crim­in­a­tion.

A bet­ter world knows that we are all imper­fect. It allows us to make mis­takes, without judge­ment, and it demon­strates a way of liv­ing that can be exper­i­ment­al, messy, curi­ous and cre­at­ive. A bet­ter world is one in which there are no bar­ri­ers to access, where we all have the free­dom to try and no shame in fall­ing, try­ing again, or chan­ging one’s mind.

A bet­ter world does not exploit the earth or any of the life on it.

A bet­ter world has space for dis­agree­ment without viol­ence.

In this world, I would be part of some­thing big­ger than myself. In this world, every­one would mat­ter. In this world, no one would be ‘too much’ or ’not enough’. In this world, I would travel and listen, and help people achieve their goals. I would look at the ocean, at the forests, at the people around me, and know that we could work togeth­er to elim­in­ate mater­i­al suf­fer­ing.

In this world, I would love and I would trust.
And so would every­one.