How does the shown object point to a better world?

The photo shows the bread I baked a few days ago and the sour­dough that goes with it.
For bak­ing bread you need noth­ing more than flour, water, some salt and a lot of time. The sour­dough can be used over and over again, gets bet­ter from bread to bread, but has to be fed and cared for reg­u­larly.
So bread and leaven are for me sym­bols for a bet­ter world, where people meet each oth­er in patience, take time for each oth­er and pay atten­tion to small things and activ­it­ies.

This is how I imagine a better world:

In my idea of a bet­ter world there is room for every­one. Since every­one can devel­op freely, every­one is hap­pi­er. Nobody has to work to earn a liv­ing, but every­one is involved accord­ing to their abil­it­ies and interests to con­trib­ute to the com­mon good. That is why every­one can go to work with enthu­si­asm.

All people have access to gar­dens, lib­rar­ies, work­shops, theatres, sports facil­it­ies, baker­ies and museums. They can meet in social pro­jects that do not have to be advert­ised as “pro­jects” because they are nor­mal. Med­ic­al care, edu­ca­tion, water and elec­tri­city sup­ply, pub­lic trans­port etc. are secured and fin­anced by pub­lic funds. All people of all ages can learn what they want and get help with per­son­al prob­lems. Nobody is told for no reas­on that he/she is too old or too young for some­thing, all mem­bers of soci­ety are taken ser­i­ously.

Money does­n’t play a spe­cial role, maybe there simply isn’t any, or every*r has just as much of it that he/she does­n’t need it any­more. There are no “use­less” lux­ury goods like fast cars, gold bars or expens­ive watches. Instead of their sales value, items are val­ued accord­ing to their prac­tic­al use.

In my world, I have time to make things myself instead of choos­ing them from over­flow­ing shelves. I can and want to take time for the people I live with. I am ready to take on chal­lenges and do not take the easy way.

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