How does the shown object point to a better world?

The object meant in this photo is the note with the inscrip­tion “Sis­ter­hood!” This note hung in a bar in Erlan­gen. The photo was taken on this year’s Inter­na­tion­al Women’s Day. For me, the object means solid­ar­ity among women which is often not part of the “nor­mal” social­iz­a­tion as we know it from the major­ity of the soci­ety. The fact that this piece of paper hangs in pub­lic and has a place in it means to me that some­thing could change in the future. An idea which takes up space. The “fourth wave of fem­in­ism” picks up many new top­ics that were not recog­nized earli­er, such as the issue of solid­ar­ity among women. This photo also beau­ti­fully illus­trates the radi­ance and attrac­tion of this sub­ject. The two young women turn towards the object and, togeth­er, they raise their fists. It has the effect to encour­age the women to feel power­ful and strong togeth­er and to not face each oth­er in resent­ment and to not keep each oth­er down

This is how I imagine a better world:

In a gender-equit­able uto­pia of course, it would not mat­ter who is of which gender and even bet­ter: which skin col­or. For one of the top­ics picked up by the fourth wave of fem­in­ism is the idea of inter­sec­tion­al fem­in­ism. After all, not only white women should exper­i­ence justice, but all women: black women, women of col­or, trans women, etc. Unfor­tu­nately, these women are even more affected by sex­ist dis­crim­in­a­tion and sexu­al assault. In the end, social par­ti­cip­a­tion and power would be fairly dis­trib­uted among all social circles and strata. Only the human beings count and not their genet­ic traits for which, incid­ent­ally, nobody is respons­ible.
How I ima­gine my own life in uto­pia can, unfor­tu­nately, only be described by how it would NOT be.

Women would not feel inferi­or because they are the “oth­er” sex.
Women would not be reduced to their appear­ance.
Women would not be whistled at in pub­lic or touched inde­cently.
“Slut” would not be a word to defame women.
Women would not be afraid to go home in the even­ing because they live in a rape cul­ture.
Women would not exper­i­ence sexu­al­ized viol­ence in rela­tion­ships, in their per­son­al envir­on­ments, or in their pro­fes­sion­al lifes.
Women would not exper­i­ence domest­ic viol­ence or even become vic­tims of fem­i­cide.
Ulti­mately, what hall­marks dis­crim­in­a­tion is that those affected wish that cer­tain things would NOT hap­pen. And in this photo, as I per­ceive it, the com­pens­a­tion of one of these infin­ite defi­cits is sug­ges­ted. Solid­ar­ity among women.

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