How does the shown object point to a better world?

When I see that pic­ture, I think water is one of the most valu­able things we have. And the fact is, pure water is a great priv­ilege. A priv­ilege for very few. If our plan­et has so much water, how can you say it is scarce? But of the 70% water on the plan­et, only 3% is sweet water, and of that 3%, most is con­tam­in­ated. Can you ima­gine that half the world’s rivers are already pol­luted? Can you ima­gine that the dis­tri­bu­tion of this residue of drink­ing water is com­pletely unequal? It is unthink­able that sev­er­al nations of the world have enorm­ous prob­lems with water short­ages and that with glob­al warm­ing, the trend is not to improve. I have seen reports about places in this world where people have to walk miles to get water, which is not always pot­able. Some­times when I turn on the tap here at home and the water that flows can be drunk without prob­lems, I think that we here in Ger­many live in a priv­ileged world. Clear water in a rap­id, as in this photo, is some­thing very few people know. For me, this pic­ture rep­res­ents a bet­ter world, which every­one should have access to. I can say that this is my uto­pia.

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