How does the shown object point to a better world?

The photo shows the cov­er of a book. It refers to a world without pan­ic attacks and anxi­ety dis­orders. That’s the kind of world I’m ima­gin­ing beau­ti­fully right now. With this book cov­er I asso­ci­ate free­dom, light­ness, relax­a­tion, joy, cheer­ful­ness, enter­prise, curi­os­ity, joy of dis­cov­ery, close­ness, self-con­fid­ence, nat­ur­al­ness, peace, calmness, trust, deep con­fid­ence.

This is how I imagine a better world:

My uto­pia is to have deep trust in myself, in my own body, my mind and my abil­it­ies. I would so much like to have a tool that dis­pels insec­ur­ity and provides inner secur­ity. Can it still be a reli­gion des­pite all res­ist­ance? Or does simply prac­tice and dis­cip­line of the mind help? I do not know. There is a great inter­sec­tion among us of how we ima­gine a bet­ter, more beau­ti­ful world: Many (or per­haps all?) want to save nature from destruc­tion by man and make man a bet­ter per­son as part of it. At the moment I think this uto­pia of a bet­ter out­side world is only second to the uto­pia of a safer inside world.

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