How does the shown object point to a better world?

In my photo you can see noth­ing more than a small cent piece.

This small object should be a sym­bol for the fol­low­ing thoughts:
Whenev­er I hear the word UTOPIA, I imme­di­ately think of my child­hood, spe­cific­ally of draw­ing les­sons. Because we had the task to paint the city of the future in the 6th grade. We made many dif­fer­ent and crazy pic­tures: fly­ing cars, strange build­ings with plants on them, lem­on­ade from the tap etc. The top­ic of the future con­tin­ued to occupy us in oth­er con­texts, espe­cially we were told that the future will be money­less.
I believed that and I still do, or rather I am deeply con­vinced that it will be logic­al and logic­al.

More than ever, I am con­vinced of the sense­less­ness of money for the last 30 years. Its import­ance is com­pletely over­es­tim­ated and wor­shipped like a fet­ish.
We are over­whelmed by things we have acquired, believ­ing that we must pos­sess what we con­sider neces­sary and import­ant. What if tomor­row there were no more money? Unima­gin­able! What would we do? How would we act? How would we organ­ize ourselves? Ima­gine it: from tomor­row no more money, abol­ished. Everything else is there, only money is gone, it has the mean­ing of noth­ing­ness.

This is how I imagine a better world:

What I have writ­ten about the cent piece is my uto­pia. I don’t know what would hap­pen after­wards, but at least I have been dream­ing of the abol­i­tion of money since my child­hood. Altern­at­ives only arise when the tra­di­tion­al is no longer there or no longer works.

My reas­on­ing tells me that the whole struc­ture of the world would col­lapse, very pos­sible it is.

Nev­er­the­less it remains a goal for me: the abol­i­tion of money. What has to hap­pen in soci­ety, in the world, so that some­thing like this can be imple­men­ted? Which beliefs must be aban­doned? We have to learn to think big again, as chil­dren we had no prob­lems with it.

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