How does the shown object point to a better world?

The photo rep­res­ents one of my favor­ite life quotes, Think pos­it­ive, Be pos­it­ive!
Pos­it­ive thoughts, pos­it­ive feel­ings and pos­it­ive liv­ing all point to a bet­ter world. That is why I have made it my life object­ive to engage in every good effort to cre­ate a world where a con­sist­ency of pos­it­ive think­ing about things and oth­er people is pos­sible.

A bet­ter world starts with me, a beau­ti­ful world begins from with­in, it begins in one’s mind with pleas­ant thoughts. The most amaz­ing thing about cul­tiv­at­ing pos­it­ive thoughts is that they don’t only con­trib­ute to a stable men­tal health but they also ignite huge sparkles of kind­ness in those around you and where people are kind to each oth­er, there exists peace.

This is how I imagine a better world:

I long for a world where every­one can con­sist­ently enter­tain, prac­tice and ulti­mately mas­ter a con­sist­ent pos­it­ive inner world (pos­it­ive thoughts, pos­it­ive mind), where people have pos­it­ive out­look towards life cir­cum­stances and where they have good thoughts about oth­ers regard­less of how they look, where they come from or what they did to them. A world where no one blames any­one because of find­ing them­selves in a strange or an unpleas­ant life cir­cum­stance, where one says to them­selves “I did­n’t do it cor­rectly, next time I believe I will do it bet­ter” AND NOT “Its because you told me to do it this way, that’s why it failed”. I wish for a world where every­one thinks good and bet­ter thoughts about them­selves not based on the mater­i­als they have accu­mu­lated but simply based on that they are human and they hold so much power to determ­ine what becomes of them in this world. A world where the pos­sib­il­ity of big dreams is a norm, a world where peace flows like a foun­tain, a world where mean­ing­ful rela­tions exist between people. My uto­pia will be a world where pos­it­ive liv­ing is not only a life­style but also a har­mo­ni­ous place of solace for people around me.